Minimal spreadsheet javascript component


Install it from npm

npm install importabular

Instanciate it on a dom node

import Importabular from 'importabular'
const sheet=new Importabular({

Get the current data as a 2D array


Destroy it to remove event listeners


Goals and limitations

I've created this lib because I was tired of having to remove 90% of the features offered by the very few open source libs for web spreadsheets.

Some common use cases have options, for the rest you should just read the source and subclass it, or fix the code.

So for this reinventing the wheel to make sense, I should not add any extra features to this core.

The lib is fresh and not battle tested, probably has some bugs. The API is not stable yet. Feel free to create an issue if you find a bug.

Minimal example

This is the most minimal way to embed the editor

Simple css

Makes even rows slightly darker

Editor 1
Editor 2

Linked editors

Changing the content of one editor should modify the content of the second too

Subclasses editors

For specific changes to the editor, you can subclass the non minified file

Heavily customized importer

Uses validation and custom columns